Take a Crash Course of Deliciousness for Your Taste Buds by Visiting These Top Restaurants in Portland – Take a look!

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Portland is a place which is truly loved to be visited by the food lovers. The city does not only feature an abundance of coffee shops, bakeries, and high calibre delicious culinary restaurants.

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Top 5 top restaurants in Portland

For truly vegan food eating experience, you can visit Ichiza Kitchen. Try out the dishes presented to you from the various corners of Asia. The popular dishes include wontons made in a beautifully balanced chili oil sauce, noodle soups, and a top-notch pho.

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty
If pizza is your favoritefood, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty is your destination. The pizzas are topped with flowers and chanterelles. So, you get served your favorite dish with some great twist.

Duck House
In Portland, it is one dreamy Chinese restaurant for all the Chinese food lovers. Try out wontons which are served in savory-chileoil-spiked broth, and also the dandan noodles.

Danwei Canting
For quick eating, Danwei Canting can be one ideal place serving you foods like burgers, dumplings, noodles, peanuts, and fries.

Holy Trinity Barbecue
Try authentic barbecue dishes such as pork, ribs, sausage, and brisket. These cuts of meats are served with beans, slaw, and cheesy grits. You can expect barbecue dishes to be moist, juicy, and smoked to perfection.

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