Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know Before Booking Your Flight to Seattle

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Seattle is a worth-visiting US destination. It is a fantastic getaway spot, too, offering relaxing summers, splendid craft bar scenes, burgeoning coffee, and beautiful neighborhoods. While you plan your trip to Seattle and go ahead with the bookings of the flight tickets, take a look at these important travel tips to the city.

The top 5 travel tips to Seattle

Do not forget to pack your walking shoes

Seattle is one of the best cities to walk around in the USA. It has a walk score of 73.1, also being one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the country.  Seattle is not too shabby – however, it endures worst traffic. Hence, you might need to start walking anytime to ignore heavy congestion. Pack you walking shoes, also, because it is a great way to not to miss the city’s little secrets, soaking in the beautiful views spread all across.  

Do not bother to carry umbrella

While Seattle has a long rainy season, it gets a very little actual rain. The city’s rain mostly comes in the form of a drizzle, mist, sprinkle shower, or liquid sunshine. Thus, the rain remains so light that you can combat it with a jacket.

Choose the best time to visit the city

Choose to visit Seattle between the months of late July to early September. Especially, prefer visiting it in the months of September and October when the city receives fewer tourists and the weather remains neither too hot, nor too cool. To book cheap airfare to Seattle during the popular months, rely on Lufthansa Airlines that presents you the world-class flight experience at an affordable range, even during the peak months.

It is a casual town, so pack accordingly

Not many places in Seattle require you to follow a dress code. In fact, there are barely such places because the upscale restaurants and hotels in the city can totally accept you in a button-up shirt and jeans. Thus, a laid-back wardrobe is good to go in the city – don’t bother to pack your bag with unnecessary formal clothes.

Do not jaywalk

If you are in Seattle, do exactly what the locals do! This means that they wait for the pedestrians’ turn and do not cross the street against the light. By the way, jaywalking may land you in a trouble because it is not only punishable with a fine of $56, but it may bring you an accident when crossing the road at an unmarked location. Heading up for the first time to the city? Get your best airfares to Seattle right know at LufthansaAirlines Reservations. Check the deals, today.

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